iVEDiX Partners with Omni-ID Combining Industrial Internet of Things Hardware and Software Platforms to Offer Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

The combination of the two technologies improves present-tense visibility, safety, and efficiency for Enterprise Asset Management across global industries.

iVEDiX, the innovative leader in data visualization, analytics, and workflow solutions, announced today a strategic partnership with Omni-ID, the number one provider of Industrial RFID Tags and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The combination of the iVEDiX Digital Platform with Omni-ID’s industry-leading RFID products will provide global enterprises a complete, connected environment with a real-time view to their assets, allowing them to control workflows and create process efficiencies.

The iVEDiX Digital Platform is currently being used by companies to power digital transformation strategies across a range of vertical markets, including healthcare, manufacturing, oil & gas, and government. As the company looked to expand its offering, it became clear that customers across these markets have a need to consolidate systems and IoT devices into a single platform. The combined solution drives process efficiencies, monitors asset utilization, creates safe working environments and better manages big data.

The iVEDiX-Omni-ID solution leverages the iVEDiX core strength of an immersive data discovery experience, along with Omni-ID’s expertise in industrial asset tracking and auto-identification solutions. Together, iVEDiX and Omni-ID are now helping companies deliver innovative, end-to-end, enterprise asset management solutions that realize the promise of the Industrial Internet of Things.

“The Industrial Internet of Things and asset management are critical capabilities for our customers. They tell us that they want to accelerate their digital transformation journey and build innovative industrial solutions,” stated Rajesh Kutty, founder and CEO of iVEDiX. “This partnership with Omni-ID allows our customers to harness the power of the IoT, delivering improved visibility, safety, and efficiency. It’s the combination of our two platforms that’s groundbreaking.”

George Daddis, president and CEO of Omni-ID added, “Our customers want to be able to act in the present tense. They want all the benefits of analytics, but more importantly, they want to visualize assets, get alerts, create workflows, and have the ability to react in near real time to what’s happening –whether it be in a vast outdoor laydown yard or in a datacenter housing mission critical IT assets. That’s where value is created for them, while there’s still time to act. We see a number of potential opportunities within our business to leverage the iVEDix Digital Platform – stay tuned for future developments.”

iVEDiX has fully integrated Omni-ID technology into the iVEDiX Digital Platform including location based decision support, agnostic passive and active RTLS/RFID tag integration, agnostic real-time sensor integration, location engine, Edge device data management, Ultra-Wide Band infrastructure, predictive workflow curation, and alert and alarm management capabilities. These capabilities are now core to the iVEDiX Digital Platform services such as data visualization, cognitive analytics, and custom workflow development. The combined iVEDiX and Omni-ID solution allows iVEDiX to serve its customer base as a ‘one stop shop’ for an enterprise pursuing digital transformation.