iVEDiX Partners with ForecasTools to bring Predictive Analytics to its Digital Platform to Enable Digital Transformation

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PITTSFORD, NY. – April 18, 2018 – iVEDiX, the Digital Platform leader in cognitive analytics, personalized workflow and intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, announced that it has partnered with Georgia-based ForecasTools, the Advanced Analytics leader. The partnership enables iVEDiX to fill in a critical piece of its platform offering: the ability to use its cutting-edge data modeling and robust Digital platform for Predictive Analytics.

“The partnership with ForecasTools allows us to bring future-tense data modelling to our customers,” said Dan Keating, iVEDiX Sr. Director of Alliances. “The iVEDiX platform has always been innovative for traditional backward-looking analytics. In 2017, with the addition of present-tense IoT, Workflow and Alerts to the platform, customers gained insights into what’s going on right now, while they can still intervene in critical processes. Now, with this partnership with ForecasTools, we can predict the value of future opportunities. This complete offering – past, present, and future insights – will accelerate growth for our customers.”

As the amount of big data generated increases, customers face 21st century opportunities. Advanced Analytics Predictive Modelling allows customers to view reliable insights into the future value of opportunities. With ForecasTools market-leading ‘WhatIf?’ product, customers gain essential supply chain insights such as predicted stock levels, demand, market share, and pricing trends. This will fuel profits and income.

The implications are clear for customers in supply chain, retail, beverage, and other industries. The Predictive modeling strengths brought by the partnership of iVEDiX and ForecasTools will allow customers to go beyond ‘what happened’ and ‘what’s happening now’ to ‘what will happen.’
iVEDiX chose ForecasTools for its depth of experience in predictive modeling, its best-in-class technology, its vertical expertise, and its customer-focused solutions.

About iVEDiX

iVEDiX is a digital platform that accelerates enterprise innovation by facilitating rapid deployment of unique visualization, analytics, IoT and workflow solutions. The suite of digital solutions – built on the iVEDiX Digital Platform – seamlessly integrate with existing data infrastructures and empowers users with extraordinary access and insights to their data. The platform combines rich visualizations, sophisticated interface options, and real-time updates to deliver an immersive data discovery and workflow experience. iVEDiX is headquartered in Pittsford, New York. To learn more, visit http://www.ivedix.com/test2019.

About ForecasTools

ForecasTools was founded in 2013 to create advanced analytic and strategic planning applications targeted towards everyday business people in a wide variety of functions. Its goal is to eliminate the need for deeper data knowledge & advanced math background to work with relational insights that can be used to make better decisions & improve future outcomes. Its solutions are used to measure performance, calculate opportunity, publish goals, & monitor results.