Oil & Gas Industry is at an inflection point! Don’t ruin the opportunity to come out of it stronger.

The energy sector and particularly the oil and gas industry has changed a lot in a short time. Even as opportunities are increasing, compliance requirements, capital investments, and global competition continue to pressure margins. Processes need to be leaner yet cleaner. Change cannot wait. The industry had long identified seven key non-value added activities and coined the term TIMWOOD. 

  • Transport  
  • Inventory  
  • Movement
  • Waiting
  • Over Production
  • Over Process
  • Defects

There is an urgency to digitize and optimize each of those activities. The sector demands a highly secure software platform solution to advance corporate safety, productivity, quality, innovation, and accountability goals for project, people, material, and equipment management across their global enterprise. Living data at their fingertips.

Connecting assets (with tags and/or sensors) to dashboards transmit real time information for preventive action. Safety goals of zero incidents are now closer to reality. Process improvements of unprecedented orders of magnitude are now possible by digitizing workflows. Rules and alerts can be configured to flag violations of processes, thresholds and workflows. You decide what matters to you and when, and let the system notify you in advance. With built-in audit capabilities, you can forensically measure, analyze and benchmark every digitized activity conducted in business as either value add or non-value add. 

It is time to let the data work for you and the entire organization. Messages and notifications can be selective and proactive. Sophisticated data governance models can dramatically reduce defects but also facilitate a blueprint towards unifying multi-system truths accelerating a move away from spreadsheets and untethered files. A transition that will eliminate waste, elevate accountability and empower employees beyond pockets of tribal knowledge.

“The oil and gas sector needed a very specific solution that was unique to our needs. We pushed them hard and yet both the iVEDiX platform and team brought a vision to life in days.” – Michael D, Operations Manager, Technology Center