When tight margins are the rule, every penny counts. Every customer, too.

Digitization is changing the face of retail today, leaving behind those unable to embrace new technologies. Effective adoption demands a digital transformation strategy that spans a wide array of assets and systems, from vending machines and store equipment to customer portals and an extended network of suppliers and providers.

One of the most common challenges in the shifting world of retail is that inventory, point of sale (POS), and other systems are separate and report for different periods. This timeline discrepancy forces manual efforts to reconcile sales and stock levels to support the ordering process, leading to waste shrink. But the iVEDiX digital platform allows retailers to integrate multiple systems to monitor shrinkage and boost profitability, combining real-time and historical data to help them visualize, analyze, and interact with vast amounts of untapped information—and better serve customers.
iVEDiX is the type of innovative technology that offers cognitive intelligence on mobile platforms in a fraction of the time of traditional BI solutions. iVEDiX can uncoil and curtail the monotony associated with data representation and accessibility.


and the future of

interactive data visualization

Dashboards need to be alive, like us. They need to scream out the action when it’s needed. They need to represent what might happen more prominently than what happened. They need to answer questions when you interact with them intuitively. And yes, the information you need to act on needs to come to you instead of you having to look for it. In today’s world, it’s not a matter of representation of mobile representation, it is the essence.

iVEDiX is the pioneer of mobile data visualization. The iVEDiX Living Data Platform isn’t a data dump into a dashboard. The platform hooks into live streaming data from connected assets, sensors, and systems. It can listen and learn, notate and notify, visualize, analyze, aggregate, and interact.