Analytics n’ Love

Where did we ever learn that technology can’t teach us to love? Growing up with movies like Walle, Jonnie 5, Bicentennial Man and so many more, you think we’d have learned by now that there’s a lot to gain relationally from our convergence with technology. From time to time, I’ll post an article on love and analytics, or how big data is powerfully changing lives. It’s a pleasure, a surprise, and a simple reminder that there’s a softer side to technology and the people who harness it. Here’s a list of some of my most recently discovered posts:

Hacking the Hyperlinked HeartHacking the Hyperlinked Heart

After a string of digital dating disasters, Amy Webb used math and analysis to narrow the field in her internet dating game.  Going through the effort of creating a male alias, tracking data, and putting to use best practices in online analytics – all in the name of love.

Short on Valentine's Day Ideas? There's an App for ThatShort on Valentine’s Day Ideas? There’s an App for That

The top 10 apps to help you get your Valentins day game on.  Want to know if you’re a good kisser?  How about finding a quote to express your love?  No clue what to do on the big day?  The guide will help you through the romantic holiday with a technical touch.

harvard business review articleThe Promise of Big Data

There are millions of pedabytes in the sea, or should we say in the cloud.  What analysts are doing to discover the right match between big data and science will amaze you.  This article reviews the sweetest couples in healthcare and analytics – discoveries that will change your mind and your heart.

mit sloan articleLove, Analytics and the Biology of You at Work

Romantic love, big data analytics and… your personality at work?  There is a correlation.  And understanding it could help you communicate better with colleagues, bosses and clients.  So just say, yes, and jump into the intelligence behind and the science behind falling in love.




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