From where we started to where we’re headed, it’s all related. Just like the product deliver. A digital business platform that connects the dots. But something more, too. It reveals a story you can respond to, hidden within the chaos of your information. Clear data visualization you can understand—fast. Native-mobile analytics you can react to—anywhere. You and your colleagues need answers. We equip you with the tools to find them.
An extraordinarily human experience. That’s the heart of what we do. A platform that reflects the way real people think and work. Greater interoperability. Clearer data. But it takes more than clearly presented information. You also need to know what to do with it. Cognitive capacity. Predictive power. Your untapped potential is our limitless passion.
Your data can help you see ahead and take action. When you put that power in people’s hands, workflow, productivity, and innovation can soar. It helps organizations solve problems. Even save lives. For customers like the United Nations and Hospital Corp of America, our dashboard, workbench, and command center solutions bring insight and predictability that are truly changing the game.
Our people built our platform from the ground up, based entirely on the way human beings interact with information. Sure, you’ll find PhDs and MBAs in our ranks. You’ll also find a richly diverse family of colleagues inspired by our mission. Data scientists. Skilled solutions architects. GUI wizards. Mobile gurus. All united in a common sense of purpose—and a nurturing environment where fresh ideas take hold.