Tracking Returnable Transport Items (RTIs)

RTIs or Returnable Transport Items, are a major component in supply chain as well as manufacturing. When properly managed, RTIs can be a powerful tool to support efficient and sustainable supply chain practices but finding an effective way to track and manage your RTIs is the real challenge.

Tags enable the real-time tracking of each individual RTI asset – from the moment it leaves your facility to the moment it is returned, again and again. Do you know where your RTIs are? No more lost product whether in transport or in your own facility. The Internet of Things is revolutionizing supply chain visibility, ushering in a new era of data intelligence and accessibility.

How does It Work?

Each RTI is equipped with a tag that provides visibility into the containers’ chain of custody. The tag identifies the type and size of the asset, the service date and other essential data needed for monitoring. This information can be automatically captured whenever the asset is within range of an reader or satellite – this could be a fixed reader at a warehouse door or loading dock, a mobile reader mounted on a forklift or pallet jack, or a handheld reader carried on the plant floor for quick inventory or GPS or LorWAN.  Using the right protocols, an entire truckload of hundreds of individually tagged RTI containers can be accounted for in just a few minutes.

Tags are designed for optimal performance on metal, plastic or wood containers of any size or shape.  This includes chemical drums and refillable beverage kegs; large steel shipping and cargo containers; wooden or plastic crates and pallets; metal racks and roll cages; and plastic bins and totes.

The broad portfolio of RFID tags are the key to tracking, identification, locating and enabling quick delivery of RTI containers to customers and back again to be reused.