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Ask Us Anything – Mobile Data Analytics

michael annechinoIt seems like every tech company is blazing the data trail, but are we taking the time to answer real questions? Last week, iVEDiX hosted an Ask Us Anything – Mobile Analytics Webinar with Michael Annechino. During the webinar, we discussed data, visualization, and workflows for mobile. Here’s a short recap of the Q&A:


Q: What advice can you give to companies transitioning from legacy BI systems to a mobile solution?

A: For companies that are transitioning, it’s important to find a balance between software and hardware. Since IT investments are often costly, it’s important to put time into finding flexible solutions that will leverage existing investments and support their changing needs.


data production vs usageQ: Which aspects of software design most heavily impact user adoption?

A: When designing a solution, end-users are especially relevant to a successful implementation. That’s why companies must take the time to understand them. At iVEDiX, we work closely with end-users to develop an empowering experience. Our process of collecting feedback has resulted in many new product features – including embedded training. Consequently, we’ve discovered how features like this are key to enhancing the user experience. Self-guided support, especially, empowers workers to feel more confident with their a technology.


Q: How do you handle data quality issues?

A: Maintaining data quality is a collaborative effort. Although IT teams have the mastery of developing relationships between systems, it’s the end-user that knows the use case best. Therefore, our approach allows end-users the ability to communicate, identify issues, and provide feedback to IT, so corrective action can be taken.


Q: How are you able to address issues of network connectivity?

A: With any technology solution, network connectivity is a critical factor – especially when working with real-time data. Software providers don’t control the IT environments of their customers. As a result, we’ve developed features like offline mode, auto-refresh, and optional caching that make our technology adaptable to the customers’ needs.


Q: What is the advantage of using iVEDiX?

A: iVEDiX integrates data across systems into an empowering user experience. This takes the shape of mobile interfaces, automated workflows, and analytic options.


Q: Do you have solutions to assure that a client’s data is not jeopardized?

A: Yes, our platform provides a secure conduit and your data. The connection is encrypted, authenticated, and controlled based on an organization’s preferences. Therefore, access can be restricted by a specific device, individual user, or any qualifier the company chooses.

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