4 Best Kept Secrets of Wearable Technology

wearable tech

download (2)Whether it’s in an article, a podcast, or a casual conversation, there seems to be a lot of skepticism around consumer wearable technologies. Devices like the Apple Watch and Google Glass are getting the most share of voice with consumers. However, if we adjust our focus, we may find that we are missing out on some really cleaver devices. Going beyond fitness trackers and watches, here’s a look at some of my favorite consumer wearables that you may not know exist:

1) Ringly Launch Collection
A small startup manufacturer of smart jewelry and accessories that connect to your smartphone. Their guiding principle is that, the more discreet a technology is the more integrated into our lives it will become. The Ringly Launch Collection is a great example of this. The technology is embedded into a series of rings adorn with semiprecious stones, that use color, light, and vibrations of their smartphone notifications.

2) Quell
Quell is a wearable therapy band that can be tracked by your smartphone. The device is desecrate and is meant for people suffering from chronic pain and sleep disorders. By pressing the band, electrical signals are send to the brain to trigger the production of pain blocking chemicals.

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3) Tommy Hilfiger Solar Jacket
Pvilion, a designer and manufacturer of flexible PV solar structures and products, recently partnered with Tommy Hilfiger to design a line of Solar Powered jackets. The jackets feature removable solar panels that provide energy to power electronic devices – one of many such clothing lines to debut at the New York Fashion Week. The companies expect the jackets to be a great success and are looking to share a portion of their proceeds with the Fresh Air Fund.

4) bPay Barclay
I don’t know about you, but if I’m going out – especially if I’m in a crowded place – I like to carry as little as possible. bPay makes it possible at any event by setting up their kiosks and distributing NFC wristbands. With a variety of more permanent bands, fabs, and key chains available in the UK, the banking innovator can also integrate the contactless payment tools with their finance management solutions available on mobile.

We want to know what devices you like. If you have a favorite wearable you’d like to share, leave it in the comments below.


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