The iVEDiX product is an innovative mobile technology that is a combination of many waves in technology, from data, cloud, analytics, mobility – it’s the convergence of all these things. The United Nations, and specifically the UNAIDS organisation that’s focused on the AIDS response, they were interested in iVEDiX to enhance their current situation room solution, which is an aggregation of global data that each of their member nations were reporting. Kenya is very progressive, and in terms of the AIDS response Kenya has demonstrated to the UN, they have an appetite for technology and using data. So, through the leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta, they approached UNAIDS and said that they are willing to be a pilot country for any data analytics type of solution that can help them in their fight against AIDS. “This system has the capacity for infinite expansion, and hence provides a platform for continuous improvement in the use of technology for development.” President Uhuru Kenyatta – Republic of KenyaIt was very surprising the first couple of times that we went to Kenya to do end user training, to see them take that appetite for technology and immediately recognise how that solution could benefit them. To watch the Kenyans start to manipulating their data and asking all of the right questions was really amazing to see them immediately on day one starting to make a difference. download-7 copy In terms of HIV and AIDS, we know where that data is located and in those same systems there’s other data related to other epidemics. So, when you think about ebola, malaria, tuberculosis. If fact, we’re talking about overall population health and the data exists. We’ve already started to see a lot of collaboration around treatment, prevention, distribution of test kits, and more decisions being made at a community level. I remember sitting in a training, and a question was asked. The answer to the question was yes, every single individual in that room has lost a relative, family member, or friend to AIDS.  So, it quickly became not about the technology, but saving lives. Show your support by learning more about the HIV/AIDS epidemic at